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Who is More Stupid – Hillary or the Electorate?

hillary stupid

Or maybe the electorate is just too stupid:

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Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization

new world order

a worldwide financial calamity has been deliberately staged in advance, and the Brexit is meant to act as a scapegoat for it Just as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned of a crash back in 2007 and early 2008 and were proven “correct,” they have also been warning of a crash in 2016. The concept of central banks “working globally” rather than domestically could only be sold to the ...

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This is the New Childhood in America


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The Next Step is to Pay You to Take Out a Mortgage

gold money

The collapse of asset inflation will implode all the fiscal and financial promises based on ever-inflating assets. Yesterday I explained why Revealing the Real Rate of Inflation Would Crash the System. If asset inflation ceases, the net result would be the same: systemic collapse. Why is this so? In effect, central banks and states have masked the devastating stagnation of real income by encouraging households to take on debt to augment declining income and by inflating assets via ...

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Hillary’s Change

hillary change

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Will Obama Declare Martial Law to Stay in Office if Trump Wins the Election?


If Donald Trump wins in November, will Barack Obama leave office and hand over power in an orderly fashion? Normally we would not even have to ask such a question, but these are not normal times. This week, Obama publicly stated that Trump “is unfit to serve as President” and that he is “woefully unprepared to do this job“. In addition, he told the press that Trump “doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding ...

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How About Obama Being Unfit for Office?

trump unfit

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The Elite Cannot Allow Clinton to Debate Trump


The Clinton campaign is in deep trouble. The Clinton campaign is falling apart. Last night my wife was watching a local station and they were doing a political analysis show with so-called experts. My wife told me she had paused the show so I could watch and I muttered something about the fact that I would rather do the laundry, mow the law and wash all of our clothes, but I gave in at her ...

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Is Hillary an Electrical Cord?

hillary short circuit

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US Close to Taking in 10,000 Syrian Refugees this Year, Surpassing All of Europe

syrian refugee

Total admissions for the current budget year now come to about 7,900 Europe has accepted a fraction – 6,000, while the United States has taken in about  8,000 of a planned 10,000 this year. “After a slow start, it appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September. State Department totals show that 2,340 Syrian refugees arrived last month in ...

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Jim Willie: Bank Runs, Currency Reset & Stock Market Plunge

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If SILVER Can Beat $21 & GOLD $1365 – They will Break to the Upside

gold bars

Market Snapshot Gold Price Charts 15-Aug-16 Price Change % Change GOLD, $/oz 1,340.30 4.50 0.34% SILVER, $/oz 19.82 0.15 0.76% Gold/Silver Ratio 67.620 -0.283 -0.42% Yea, buddy, that centralization’s a great idea! Just channel & funnel all your business through one central location & computer. Bang up idea. Whoops. Maybe not. Delta Airlines suffered an outage last week that forced them to cancel over 2,000 flights. Delta pointed the finger at a power outage & ...

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Hillary Will be This if She Wins

hillary obama

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The Truth about RUSSIA the Elite Doesn’t Want You to Know

russian church

Everything you know about Russia – is wrong. Just like the good ol’ days, Russia is now a useful ‘enemy’ being used to justify whatever needed from Washington, whether it be more money for NATO expansion, …more spying powers on the domestic population, or more reason to justify the USA’s generally jingoistic, xenophobic attitude about foreign policy.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – the USA has created a wall of stupidity ...

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